The library had the most computers on campus so she was hopeful there would be one available. Unfortunately, every computer was occupied with students attempting to get ahead of homework or get emails sent out before heading home. Alexandra speed walked around the library searching every corner for an open computer. She was so desperate to find one that she went up to the librarian and pleaded with her and asked to use the personal computer in her office. The librarian reluctantly agreed and led Alexandra behind the stacks into her office.

As her heart began to race, Alexandra signed into her email. Before she could even find the email from USC she already saw three emails at the top of her inbox from her mom, dad, and oldest sister. Each email had a subject line like “ADMISSIONS DECISION??” or “Can’t wait to hear the big news!!” Alexandra ignored these messages and scrolled until she saw “University of Southern California Admissions Decision.” She slowly opened the email and entered her information into the applicant portal. As the webpage loaded, Alexandra felt every nerve of her body on the edge of explosion.

The letter appeared...

“I got in!!!” Alexandra yelled from the librarian’s office. As she ran out, everyone in the library stared at her, but she did not care. Alexandra did not bother to wait for the bus, but instead ran as fast as she could home so that she could tell her parents the news.