A few years after the terrorist attacks took place on 9/11, the government decided to take technology into their own hands. All personal computing devices and mobile phones were restricted and forbidden from the hands of everyday American citizens. The government took these measures in order to maintain stronger control of citizen’s actions and to limit international communications. Now, internet usage was only available at institutional locations like the government, military, large office buildings, and schools. Each household was allowed one landline phone.

Since Alexandra was born after these regulations were put into place, she has not experienced anything different. In the technological sense, it is almost as if she was born in the 1980’s, not 2006. The transition was harder for Alexandra’s parents, who had just gotten used to the luxury of having a mobile phone when the restrictions were put into place. It was hard to have the ability for constant communication ripped from their grasp. However, without the over usage of technology, life came to resemble the simpler times. The family unit became stronger after having dwindled with the rise of technology which brought along the rise of the rebellious teenager. American citizens were happy to spend their Saturday’s at home, and were not tempted by what parties or social gatherings might be happening, because frankly, they had no clue.

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